I’ve lost my first pound :)…but it will not be so easy to hang on for a couple of weeks, first pound is so easy to lose!
Well, I’m motivated. I love eating and cooking tasteful meals even if the whole family goes on slimming diet.
So today, I’ve imagined a low caloric but delicious, balanced and healthy dish:
Smoked tofu and tomato skewers served on a bed of sautéed Jerusalem artichokes and green salad.
Skewers are fun. Most often,colorful skewers are a sight for sore eyes and look appetizing. This kind of detail is much important to be able to hold out!
I’m not an every day vegan but simply enjoy some vegan and vegetarian ingredients and recipes.
There are some vegan stores here in Toulon and I’ve bought these ready made smoked tofu which looked delicious in one of them.
I’ve bought 2 different kinds of these ready made flavored tofu:
One is simply smoked and flavored with herbs, the other is smoked and flavored with sun dried tomatoes, herbs and olive oil.
My father is not fussy about food but he’s 74 and he’s on his guard against unusual ingredients or dishes. As I cook these skewers for the whole family, I have to use trickery…
That’s why I’ve decided to make tofu and tomato skewers because it’s fun and appetizing, and my father eats first with eyes.
This way, I don’t arouse his suspicion (just as you would do for a young child!).
If your young child, teenager or old Dad is fussy about food, keep this in mind:
Skewers are magic and they are the answer to avoid any long face!
These tofu skewers are ready in 15 mintutes

Ingredients 4 servings

  • 200 gr Smoked tofu
  • 200 gr Smoked tomato flavored tofu
  • 300 gr Cherries tomatoes
  • 1 Table spoon olive oil.
  • Greens and vegetables as taste (lettuce, green beans etc)
  • Salt and pepper


Wash tomatoes. Cut tofu into dices (1cm)


  1. Arrange a bed of greens (I’ve used green beans and lettuce). Wash tomatoes and cut tofu into 1 cm thick dices.Pour 1 table spoon olive oil in a skillet and fry quickly over high heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Pour 1 table spoon olive oil into a skillet and quickly fry tofu dices over high heat for 5 minutes.tofu-and-tomato-skewers-3Once lightly browned, set aside on a kitchen paper. Thread on to the skewers alternating tofu and tomatoes. Arrange on a bed of greens.
  3. Once tofu dices are lightly browned, remove from skillet and set on a kitchen paper.tofu-and-tomato-skewers-end-1
  4. Thread onto the skewers, alternate tofu dices and tomatoes. Brush with a bit salad dress