French cooking styles and specialities

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The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there is not one French culinary art but several. Actually, every area of France has its own specialities.

Through, there is one think that we all have in common: we all regularly go to the bakery to buy bread, the famous “baguette” and cakes.

In this article, I propose you an overview of the French culinary arts, according to their local origin.

South East (French riviera) + Corsica

Here, we generally cook with olive oil. We eat much fishes, vegetables, pasta and mixed salads like the famous “salade niçoise”.

We cook with less fat than anywhere else in France. Maybe that’s because of the hot summers, maybe that’s because we want to look great when we are going to the beach!

As for the alcohols, we use to drink cold rosé wine and, of course, Pastis.

South West

The South-West of France is the area of the “foie gras”, the “cassoulet” (stew of beans) and they often cook with duck or goose fat.

The cognac and the Bordeaux wines are produced there. The great and famous Alain Ducasse was born in this area of France.

Burgandy and Rhone

The central area of France is often considered as the best of the French culinary art. This area includes Lyon and its surroundings.

There, people generally cook with butter or heavy cream. They often cook potatoes as side dish and eat a lot of meat, especially the beef they produce.

It is the area of the kir, beef fondue, snails cooked with butter and parsley, frogs’ legs and Burgandian stewed beef.

The “gratin dauphinois” that consists in sliced potatoes baked with milk and browned on top is one of their classics.

They produce garlic sausages, quenelles and the famous Burgandy wines.

The famous chief Paul Bocuse was born here.

North West

In the North-West, they eat much fish and shellfish and often cook with salted butter.

This area of France is the kingdom of salted pancakes with buckwheat and all kinds of sweet pancakes.

Normandy is well-known for its production of butter, heavy cream and camembert.

They also produce lots of apples and make calvados and cider.

The North

People from the North of France (LIlle, Dunkerque, etc.) generally eats a lot of potatoes-based meals and there are chip stalls everywhere.

They also produce regional cheese, like the “maroille” and eat a lot of mussels.

The beer is the king alcohol there!

North East

It is the kingdom of sauerkraut and frankfurters. They also cook delightful plum tarts and produce brandy.

The Champagne-Ardennes is renowned for its production of Champagne which is sold worldwide.

Overseas French territories

Each French overseas territory get its own way of cooking. However, we can say that the meals are spicy, and rice takes a particular place for them.

That is all for today! Hope you like this article! I’ll come with others concerning specific part of French culture.

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