Today is about the final of Pierre’s birthday meal:
Floating island dessert!
I f you have’t followed the 2 previous posts, let me just tell you we’ve celebrated my son’s birthday a few days ago and I’ve decided to share the whole birthday meal recipes with you.
The first post was about the starter:
a mixed seafood and gizzards salad recipe.
The 2d post was about the main course:
A Stroganoff beef recipe.
And here is the 3d and last post of the saga:
The floating island we had for dessert…
Floating island is one of the French traditional desserts. It’s such a classic French dessert that you can find it in 80% of French restaurants menu. Tatin pie, chocolate mousse, Napoleon, simple apple pie or floating island, that’s the greedy France!
Floating island is a great dessert because it doesn’t require any addition of fat and is easier to digest next to a high-caloric dish as the Stroganoff beef we had for main course.
Floating island is also an elegant party dessert, featuring a lake of vanilla custard and white islands made of lightly sugared beaten egg whites poached in milk.
I can’t say that our French family floating island recipe is an ordinary recipe because most of the floating island recipes instructions ask to make a meringue and to poach it in water.
At home, we stiffy beat egg whites without any addition of sugar. We mix milk with sugar, heat it and first poach beaten egg whites, and then use the same sugared milk to cook the vanilla custard.
This process allows egg whites to be lightly sugared and that’s what makes the difference. It’s very fine!
If you’re decided to carry out the floating island recipe, here it is :).
Yum, floating island!

Floating island is ready in 50 minutes

Ingredients 6 servings

  • 6 Eggs
  • 1 L Milk
  • 120 gr Caster sugar for the custard
  • 100 gr Caster sugar for the caramel
  • 15 gr Flour
  • Vanilla extract



Pour milk into a deep pan, add sugar, mix, and bring the mixture to a boil.Pour milk into a deep pan. Add sugar, a dash vanilla extract, mix and bring the mixture to a boil.

Separate egg yolks from egg whites, using 2 bowls.Separate egg yolks from egg whites. Put egg whites in a large bowl and egg yolks in another bowl.

Mix flour and egg yolks and beat until airy.Mix flour with egg yolks. Beat until the mixture is homogeneous and forty.

Stiffy beat egg whites.Beat egg whites with an electric mixer until they form stiff peaks.

They form stiff peaks.
Lower heat as soon as milk boils and poach spoonfuls egg whites When milk starts boiling, lower heat. Handle 2 large spoons. Form spoonfuls beaten egg whites and slide each into the simmering milk. Poach for 1 minute on the first side.

Turn on the other side for 1 more minute cooking.Then turn to poach the other side for another minute.

Remove from milk.Remove from milk with a skimming ladle.

Place poached egg whites in a strainer.Drain the poached egg whites in a strainer.

Pour a bit hot milk into the bowl with egg yolks.Pour a ladle hot milk into the bowl containing eggs yolks and flour mixture and beat strongly.

Pour remaining milk , beat and transfer into a heatproof pan.Add the remaining milk, pour it slowly while you keep on stirring. Transfer into a heatproof pan.

Cook over low heat for 4 minutes, until it's thick.Cook over low heat, never stop to stir until the custard thickens (about 4 minutes).

Pour custard into serving dish.Pour custard into individual bowls.

Top with poached egg whites.Top custard with poached egg whites.

Cook the caramel. Put 100 gr caster sugar in a saucepan and cook over medium heat. Stir as soon as golden parts appear. Lower heat a bit and stir until the caramel is totally golden browned and sugar is totally liquefied (about 3 minutes).

Sometimes, sugar foams (it’s because it’s “dirty”). If this happens to you, place immediately the pan in cold water or in ice to allow it goes on foaming. It will also avoid any burning!

Make a caramel with 100 gr sugar and drizzle over poached white eggs.Drizzle immediately caramel over poached egg whites.

floating-island-15 copie
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