Black olives tapenade is a traditional French Provencal recipe. Ingredients are different according to families. I’ve been testing several combinations for a while and the best and the most tasty one is the one I share with you today: garlic, olives, olive oil, anchovy, butter and olive oil, a clever combination of tastes… Spread it on toasts and eat it as an appetizer or add it in a pasta tomato sauce, use it in any recipe as a condiment!

You can keep it up to 1 month in fridge in a closed jar.

preparation time for black olives tapenade recipe


Ingredients (4/6 servings)

  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 160 Gr or 30 Pitted black olives (stewed with olive oil and herbs)
  • 1 Handful thyme
  • 12 cl olive oil
  • 40 Gr soft butter
  • 20 Gr anchovy paste (or 4 anchovy fillets)
  • Pepper as taste.


  1. Peel garlic clove
  2. Place garlic and olives in the herb mill (or in an electric mixer bowl) and chop very thinly
  3. Place the mixture in a bowl
  4. Add pepper as taste, thyme, anchovy paste and soft butter. Stir
  5. Add slowly olive oil while stirring, just as for a mayonnaise
  6. Once all ingredients combined, the tapenade is smooth. Add a bit olive oil if necessary
  7. Cover and place in fridge or serve it right away with toasts
  8. Heavenly when served with a glass of fresh rosé wine!