Anchovy tapenade is a traditional appetizer from South of France. Each family has its own recipe and here is ours! We eat it as a spread on toasted baguette, and we serve it with hard-boiled eggs and raw vegetables such as cauliflower, young onions, radish etc. We also have a glass of cold rosé wine or a glass of Pastis while eating it.

You can keep it in fridge up to 2 weeks and if there’s a bit leftover, you can also add it to tomato sauce for pasta or to a salad dressing.

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • 120 Gr Anchovies fillets in olive oil
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • 60 Gr Pitted black olives
  • 30 Gr Soft butter
  • 10 Cl Olive oil
  • 1 Handful thyme (or rosemary)
  • Pepper as taste


  1. Pell garlic cloves and cut them into 4 pieces
  2. Place garlic, pitted black olives, drained anchovies filets, soft butter and thyme or rosemary (or both) in your food processor
  3. Add 2 table spoons olive oil and mix. Anchovy tapenade is better with very small chunks than if reduced to a mash so don’t mix it for a too long time
  4. Place the mixture in a bowl and add slowly remaining olive oil while stirring
  5. Add pepper as taste
  6. The mixture must be smooth so you can add some more olive oil until it comes spreadable if needed
  7. Serve immediately or cover and place in fridge until serving
  8. Bon appétit!