Cook me Maybe is all about family passion & sharing. We are a three generation French family that likes to cook & try new recipes.

french cooker josiane

Josiane is the grand mother. She was born in Burgandy in 1941 and has grown up in Tournus, 100 km from Lyon, from a cookers family. She’s the memory of this legacy and deals since 50 years with cooking, even if she handed over.

french cooker jean pierre

Jean-Pierre is the grand father. He is 73 and was born in the south of France, in Toulon. Though he is retired, his job is to take care of the garden and to collect vegetables. Well, he is the home farmer!

french cooker sylvie

Sylvie is the mother. She is 50 and she was also born in Toulon. She was first a translator but she quickly owned a mobile pizza shop for five years and a bakery for 20 years. She has grown up by her Burgundian grand parents and that means she was born to be a great cooker!

french cooker pierre

Pierre is the son. He is 24 and studies in north of France, in Lille. He has grown up in the middle of pizzas, cakes, hot bread and cooking fragrances. He has always been interested in cooking and in making cakes and bread. He also used to be a high-level triathlete but is now dedicated to mountain running (trails, sky races).

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