About our origins: Toulon

May be you have already heard about Toulon because of its military harbor which houses the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” and the French nuclear-submarines?
But that’s not the best of the town and these military activities do not match with the rest of the town…

First, you discovered yesterday the mounts of Toulon while my son was madly running.
Let me explain you more:
Toulon lays between mounts and Mediterranean sea in South East of France, just between Marseille and St Tropez. As my son already prided himself on the sunny winter, it’s true we benefit from a temperate Mediterranean climate, which means:
Very hot and sunny summers, moderate temperatures all year long, but also some torrential rains in Autumn.
Some even say Toulon is the sunniest town in France…

Matching with the climate is the RCT which is our local rugby club. It’s the European rugby champion since 2 consecutive years and the team is also the winner of the last French rugby championship. If you want to know who are people from Toulon, have a look to this:

You will have some great minutes :)

2 actors also match with the town: Raimu and Mayol. They were authentic Provencal funny people and if you have time, you will be laughing watching “The baker’s wife” :)
Well, that’s all for today. I’ll tell you more in a few days or weeks about the historical Vauban’s fortifications and about our Provencal market which looks like a comical movie…