10 days to develop good eating habits, lose weight and live better

You probably do not know, but I used to be a high-level triathlete in the past. To get the best out of myself, I had to manage my alimentation with a nutritionist.


Today, I am an ultra trailer and then I still need to have a healthy diet in order to finish my races and to reach the best ranking I can.


I think that it is crucial for everybody to have a healthy diet because when you eat well; you are feeling better in your everyday life.


I created this article with a friend of mine who is a French nutritionist and with the advices of a bunch of friends of mine. They will recognize themselves but I wanted to thank them again!


This program is a 10-days custom kind of diet in which we will progressively develop good eating habits. Every day comes a new piece of advice and, if you follow this program, you are likely to lose weight without even knowing it.


The aim is NOT to make you lose the maximum weight in the shortest time; it is to share with you some good practices that you could follow on a long-term basis.



You already know that eating a salad has not the same effect on your body than eating pasta or a pizza. Why? Because these aliments do not have the same proportion of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates and protein).


These three macronutrients are crucial to your health, but balance is necessary. The ratio of macronutrients will change depending on your age and condition (pregnant, sedentary, high level athlete, etc.)


A “regular” woman body needs approximately 2,000 Kcal every day to work well. You should ideally have a diet that contains 40 to 55 percent carbohydrate, 15 to 30 percent protein and 25 to 35 percent fat.



Wake up early today to have time to do some stretching exercises! Stretching will help your body to wake up and will improve its flexibility, which will lead to better muscles coordination.


Stretching time is also a good time to focus on your day and get rid of potential stress. It encourages better circulation of blood throughout the body and you will then feel better during all your day.


Stretching should be done smoothly and progressively, without hurting your body, especially in the morning.

practice stretching exercises to feel better



A healthy breakfast is the best way to begin the day! The breakfast should give you energy and satisfy your appetite. You breakfast should combine carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin and protein.


Forget about your supermarket orange juice: it is full of added sugar. Press your own fruits! You can also drink some low fat milk and a coffee to wake up.


You should ideally eat some fresh vegetables in order to have some vitamins. You can also eat a bowl of whole grain bread and cereal to feed you with fiber, nutrients and carbohydrate. Try to avoid croissants and any rich food in the morning.

learn what you should eat for breakfast and why



The benefits of water are many. First, it helps your body to get rid of waste by boosting the activity of the loins. Second, it helps your body maintain its balance of fluid and electrolytes shrivel. This results in energizing muscles. Last but not least, hater can help control calories assimilation and can help your cells and thus your skin keep looking good.


You should prefer mineral water to basic water because it contains nutrients.

learn about the numerous benefits of water for your health



As a triathlete, it is really difficult for me to answer this question. One thing is sure: sport is great and you must regularly practice some sport.


Indeed, sport helps your muscles strengthen while getting rid of fat. The cherry on the cake is that if you practice a sport regularly, your body will eliminate more calories than the others even when you are doing nothing! Sport also help feel good and is important for your brain and your openness to people.


Concerning the “swimming vs running”, it depends on your preferences and of what you are able to. Both sports are burning a lot of calories but there is one great difference between the two: you have to support your weight while running, and this can lead to a lot more injuries than swimming.


You can also do like Guillaume Nery and run underwater! 🙂

practicing sport is a good way to stay healthy and succeed in your diet



If you do not still practice it, you should try yoga. Yoga is good for recuperation and relaxation. It helps your body to regenerate as well as your mind.


It can be a real antidote to stress and enable you to better manage your emotions and to focus on your objectives to reach them more easily.


The best moment to do yoga exercises is probably after your work, when you are tired and may be under stress.

yoga is good for regeneration, recuperation and emotion management



Sleep is really, really important for mind and body recuperation. Sleeping too much is as bad as not sleeping enough. Normally, if you are an adult, you should be sleeping between 6 and 8 hours every night.


You may know that there are two main types of sleep: rapid-eye-movement (RME) sleep and non-rapid-eye-movement (NREM) sleep. The fact is that you are regenerating efficiently only during specific sleep phase, and that is why you have to take care of your sleeping hours.


Specialists also say that napping can be a good way for people who do not sleep well at night to catch up.

sleeping is really important to stay healthy



You have to distinguish between “good” fat and “bad” fat. Indeed, despite what you may have been told, fat is not always bad for your health.


Basically, trans fats and saturated fats are responsible for weight gain, clogged arteries and so on. But monounsaturated fats (present in olive oil for instance), polyunsaturated fats and omega-3s are good for your body at a certain level.


Indeed, this type of fat can help reducing your risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. It is crucial for both physical and emotional health.

you should distinguish betwwen the different types of fat



As you probably know, red and white meat, fish and eggs are good because they contain a lot of proteins. But which one should you eat?


You can eat anything; the important point here is to diversify your diet.


This being said, you should try not to eat too much of red meat, which contain a lot of bad toxins and prefer white meat which is lot more healthy.


Concerning fish and eggs, there are healthy but contain a lot of fat, so you need to find a balance between all of this and try to eat vegetables as often as possible with them rather than eating more of them!

which type of protein is best between red meat white meat fish and eggs



We all like massages. But how good it is for our body and mind? Actually, massages can reduce our body pain (low-back, improved joint flexibility, reduce cramping). Draining massages can also enhance the immune system by stimulating lymph flow.


Massage can also help us regenerate at a muscular level and lessen depression and anxiety.

the benefits of draining massage for your health


I wanted to conclude by underlining the importance of creating routines but do not fall into a routine. I mean that it is important to have long-term living habits but you must also include a little bit of craziness inside your life if you want them to be sustainable.


You are allowed to eat “bad food” when you really want it, to do something crazy when you really need it. The only crucial thing is to assume it and to do this punctually to reinforce your willingness to live healthy!