If you feel down in the dumps, this is an effective medicine! A caramel sauce you can introduce in cakes fillings or you can also simply pour it on ice-cream or use it as a spread on bread. I use to combine it with chocolate… Oh my Goodness! Absolutely heavenly!!!

I imagined this sweet recipe once , as one of my bakery’s customer ordered me a birthday cake. She wanted the birthday cake to be toffee flavored and both crunchy and smooth. On this day, I cooked this creamy toffee sauce, waited it cooled down, mixed it with a whipped cream. Right, the birthday cake was smooth, but not crunchy yet… So I just broke some meringue I had just baked and placed a lay of it as a base. Then, I cleverly mixed my toffee flavored whipped cream with small pieces of meringue. It was absolutely devilish!!! (I know it was because my customer told it to me but also because this cake was so irresistible that I also did a small one for myself… Well, I was a confectioner and I had to judge my creations!!! And this one was approved…)

WARNING: Be very careful as toffee could burn you or your children, so cook this sauce without any child in the kitchen. More, sometimes sugar burns and foams up(it’s because it’s “dirty”) so if that happens to you, remove immediately the sauce pan from heat and place it away from you or your family (on a tiled floor because it will go on foaming until it cools down a bit). To avoid this, use a non-opened caster sugar pack :)

preparation time for toffee sauce recipe

Ingredients (6 servings)

  • 200 Gr Caster sugar
  • 20 Cl Single cream
  • 4 Cl water (4 table spoons)


  1. Mix water and sugar in a large sauce pan (17cm diameter, 7 cm high minimum)
  2. Pour single cream into another large sauce pan and bring cream to a boil over low heat
  3. While cream is heating, cook sugar and water over high heat, keep on stirring with a wooden spoon. Sometimes sugar burns and foams (it’s because it’s “dirty”) so if that happens to you, remove immediately the sauce pan and place it in the garden or in another larger pan because it will go on foaming until it cools down a bit
  4. After 3 min reduce a bit heat and go on cooking and stirring for 2 min. Toffee should be ready, lightly golden brown. Reduce heat over low heat
  5. Add cream immediately and stir the whole for 1 min over very low heat
  6. Be careful, the sauce must cool down before use or taste to avoid any burning as toffee reaches very high temperatures

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