Have you ever heard about brick or filo pastry?
North African people use it to cook their bricks, Indian people use it to cook their samosas, and I use it to cook my goat cheese Napoleon!
Filo pastry is a wonderful and helpful sheet which gives much character to a meal. Once fried or baked, it’s deliciously crispy and it’s fun to let guests discover which filling is hidden inside!
Be sure you’ll astound any of your guests each time you wrap a mixture in filo pastry.
Goat cheese Napoleon recipe is a mix of Italian, North African and French cultures.
It particularly smells Mediterranean area.
Goat cheese Napoleon can be served whether as a starter or as an appetizer.
It’s nicely colored and shaped, and tastes exceptional. Though, it’s an easy recipe and it’s done in no time.
Be sure to astound any people who share your meal: goat cheese Napoleon tastes and looks like a gourmet elegant starter or appetizer. A crispy filo pastry outside enclosing a smooth and melty cheesy inside.
Well, it’s the perfect textures and flavors combo!
It’s true goat cheese is much eaten in South of France. People eat goat cheese in every way imaginable by us:
Simply with a slice of baguette as cheese, or as a cooking recipe ingredient such as for or lasagna.
We also often use it with tomato sauce to garnish pizzas or we use goat cheese to give our Mediterranean mixed salads great flavors combo.
There are some delicious combinations as goat cheese with honey, goat cheese with pine nuts or walnuts, and one of my favorites is simply goat cheese with fresh rosemary and olive oil.
Another of my favorites is goat cheese with basil pesto and pureed dried tomatoes in oil. It’s the combination I use to cook goat cheese Napoleon.
Why is goat cheese Napoleon recipe magic?
It simply consists in a combination of different tastes and textures:
lays of bread, goat cheese, basil pesto and purred dried tomatoes in olive oil. Next, these lays are wrapped in fill pastry and last, goat cheese Napoleon is fried.

A delicious filo pastry enclosing goat cheese and much more ready in 20 minutes!

Ingredients 4 servings (12 small goat cheese Napoleon)

  • 4 Loaf slices
  • 60 gr Pureed dried tomatoes in oil
  • 40 gr Basil pesto
  • 200 gr Goat cheese
  • 6 Filo pastry sheets
  • 6 cl Olive oil
  • 1 Egg
  • Optional: Green salad and balsamic salad dressing


    Divide filo pastry sheet in 2. Cut loaf slices in 4.

  1. Cut filo pastry in 2, lay each filo pastry on table work. Cut each loaf slice in 4 and place each in the center of each filo pastry.
  2. Spread a tea spoon pureed dried tomatoes on each small loaf bread slice

  3. Spread 1 tea spoonful pureed dried tomatoes on each small loaf slice.
  4. Top with 25r goat cheese and a tea spoon basil pesto.

  5. Top with 20/25 gr goat cheese. Then top with 1 tea spoon basil pesto.
  6. Wrap it as a small package.

  7. You can now wrap it whether as a small package…
  8. Small packages
    Or you can form small purses.

  9. …or purse shaped. Gather up edges and pinch.
  10. Pour olive oil in a skillet and preheat over low heat.
  11. Break the egg in a small bowl, add a pinch salt. Mix and brush goat cheese Napoleons on all sides with egg wash and fry in skillet immediately. You have to be quick or filo pastry will stick to the dish!
  12. Fry on each side until goat cheese Napoleons are lightly browned and crispy (about 5 minutes).
  13. Brush egg wash on all sides and fry in preheated skillet for 5 minutes. Serve on a bed of green salad.

  14. Arrange Napoleons on a bed of green salad seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and serve immediately.

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