Today is the day of a clever, easy, quick and healthy recipe: The French fish and prawns recipe!
This fish-based recipe has another good point: It allows you to use up the leftover fish.

I spread it on toasted baguette when I use it as an appetizer.I also use it to color and to cheer up mixed salads. My preferred one is a mix of fish and prawns paste I spread on croûtons, corn salad, rocket, tomatoes, tuna in brine and soft-boiled eggs that I season with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil.
My thick: During summer days, a large big mixed salad like this one can also be served as an easy whole balanced meal!
I also use fish and prawns paste in a different way (another recipe of mines…) by cooking a kind of samosa. I enclose my fish and prawns paste in a fillo dough and I fry it until it comes lightly browned. I especially enjoy the contrasting of the crunchy deep fried fillo pastry with the fish and prawns paste which melts in my mouth. I serve this fish and prawns samosa as an appetizer or as a starter, with a green mixed-salad.

Well, this time, I had some red-mullets leftover because the day before, I had cooked some red-mullets and crushed potatoes (you know, my son is crazy about red-mullets…) but you can use many other kinds of fish but it’s better to use strong tasty fish such as red mullets, gurnards, cod or sardines. I often vary the ingredients of this recipe according to the quantity of leftover fish I have.
This time, I didn’t have enough red-mullets, so, I has a look at my food stocks: chocolate, chocolate again, ah! biscuits! and finally, a can of small prawns!
Here is the way this recipe was born.

You know, my secret weapon to introduce new cooking recipes at home is to let my thoughts wander, and no one complains about my culinary inventions!

Now it’s time to share the fish and prawns paste recipe with you…
you can spread fish and prawn paste on toasted baguette

ready in 10 minutes

fish-and-prawns-ingredients-recipe-resized   INGREDIENTS   4 servings
   1. 70 gr Red-mullets
   2. 120 gr Small prawns
   3. 1 Lemon
   4. 1 Dried tomato in olive oil
   5. 1 Table spoon tomato purée
   6. 1 Table spoon balsamic vinegar
   7. A quarter of a parsley bunch
   8. 2 Table spoons olive oil
   9. 2 Small cream cheese or 80 gr cheese spread


  1. Bone fish and squeeze lemon
  2. Chop together dried tomato, prawns, parsley and fish
  3. Then, mix the mixture with tomato coulis, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and cheese spread
  4. Add salt and pepper as taste